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Four Justices Who Stood for Justice 0

Four Justices Who Stood for Justice

6 years ago

Each week, Mr. Reed will relate the stories of people whose choices and actions make them heroes. See the table of contents for previous installments. “We want a Supreme ...

Privatizing Marriage Makes No Sense 0

Privatizing Marriage Makes No Sense

6 years ago

Editor’s Note: Max Borders responds to this piece in “On Privatizing Marriage.” If Republican presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul is politically from Mars, then the leftist feminist writer Naomi ...

Is Donald Trump a Genius? 0

Is Donald Trump a Rhetorical Genius?

6 years ago

It might be somewhat of a stretch to label Mr. Trump as a “genius” but he is definitely highly skilled at rhetoric and also rhetorical strategy. On that point, he ...

Students for Sale 0

Students for Sale

6 years ago

Imagine you’re with me in a room full of educators, mostly public school teachers and  administrators. We are there to learn how to incorporate principles of entrepreneurship and innovation ...

Progressivism Is Illiberal 0

Progressivism Is Illiberal

6 years ago

A New York magazine article headline declares, “ De Blasio’s Proposal to Destroy Pedestrian Times Square Is the Opposite of Progressive .” That’s Bill de Blasio, the current mayor ...

Objectivism and Parenting 0

Objectivism and Parenting

6 years ago

In “ How to Raise a Life-Loving Child ,” my wife, Sarah, and I show in pattern how one basic principle, in the form of the Master Question, applies ...

Pope Francis, Religion, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand 0

Pope Francis, Religion, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand

6 years ago

Given the widely acknowledged fact that countries and populations enjoy wealth and prosperity precisely to the extent that they embrace capitalism, why does Pope Francis call capitalism “the dung ...

How minimum wage discourages entrepreneurship 0

Minimum Wages Discourages Entrepreneurship

6 years ago

“Do you truly believe that absent any increase in the minimum wage that Wendy’s or any other business will suspend efforts to develop and implement new forms of automation ...

A Passion for the Void 0

A Passion for the Void

6 years ago

Plenty of writers inspire fierce devotion in their readers—the David Foster Wallace acolytes, with their duct-taped copies of Infinite Jest, come to mind, as do the smug objectivists dressed ...