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Objectivism is Not Sexy Enough

6 years ago

Watching this youtube lecture you can see, Yaron Brook, foremost communicator of Objectivism, in a valiant, but it ultimately dull performance. It probably evokes at most, a loud, wailing ...

Freedom Makes Bigots Pay 0

Freedom Makes Bigots Pay

6 years ago

Labor regulations have a long history of hurting women and minorities. Yet, when thinking about the economic damage society has inflicted on nonwhites and on women, many people blame ...

Freedom's Champion 0

Freedom’s Champion

6 years ago

FEE’s current president, Lawrence W. Reed, takes a break this week from his Real Heroes series to focus on the man who founded FEE nearly seven decades ago and ...

James Bond: Objectivist Assassin 0

James Bond: Objectivist Assassin

6 years ago

As the 3rd (and final?) James Bond: Spectre sequel comes to theaters, I am reminded of “The Romantic Manifesto” and Rand’s admiration of Ian Fleming’s famous, charming assassin: Quote ...

When the Power of Love Replaced the Love of Power 0

When the Power of Love Replaced the Love of Power

6 years ago

Today, the name Gladstone adorns towns, parks, schools, and many buildings all across both Great Britain and the United States — and deservedly so. The principles that he eloquently ...

Dear Progressives 0

Dear Progressives

6 years ago

This open letter is one of two winners from the 2015 ESFL essay contest. See the other contest winner: “Dear Conservatives.” To My Friends on the Left There is ...

Women fighting for power 0

Can Women Survive without Men?

6 years ago

There was an interesting article recently by a woman who attempted to start an all female production company. That was her utopian dream. Unfortunately for her, it turned into ...