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When the Power of Love Replaced the Love of Power 0

When the Power of Love Replaced the Love of Power

6 years ago

Today, the name Gladstone adorns towns, parks, schools, and many buildings all across both Great Britain and the United States — and deservedly so. The principles that he eloquently ...

Can Women Survive without Men?

7 years ago

There was an interesting article recently by a woman who attempted to start an all female production company. That was her utopian dream. Unfortunately for her, it turned into ...

Bitcoin 0

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

7 years ago

The basic theory is that a currency has 3 functions: store of value, medium of exchange, medium of account. It’s interesting to look at parts of the world with ...

Looking to meet Objectivists

7 years ago

Welcome to Objectivist Living. Unfortunately, you will not find many Objectivists here. Perhaps the term “Objectivish” would be more informative: similar to but different from Objectivism. Some of the ...

Objectivism and Parenting 0

Objectivism and Parenting

7 years ago

In “ How to Raise a Life-Loving Child ,” my wife, Sarah, and I show in pattern how one basic principle, in the form of the Master Question, applies ...

Pope Francis, Religion, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand 0

Pope Francis, Religion, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand

7 years ago

Given the widely acknowledged fact that countries and populations enjoy wealth and prosperity precisely to the extent that they embrace capitalism, why does Pope Francis call capitalism “the dung ...

How minimum wage discourages entrepreneurship 0

Minimum Wages Discourages Entrepreneurship

7 years ago

“Do you truly believe that absent any increase in the minimum wage that Wendy’s or any other business will suspend efforts to develop and implement new forms of automation ...