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Ayn Rand Musical 0

Ayn Rand Once Testified Against a Musical

6 years ago

More than three decades after her death, Ayn Rand is still being quoted by Republican presidential nominees and two of her novels — “The Fountainhead’’ and “Atlas Shrugged’’ — ...


Objectivism is Not Sexy Enough

6 years ago

Watching this youtube lecture you can see, Yaron Brook, foremost communicator of Objectivism, in a valiant, but it ultimately dull performance. It probably evokes at most, a loud, wailing ...

Bernie Sanders is more American than Ayn Rand: Democratic socialism will always trump free-market selfishness 0

Bernie Sanders is more American than Ayn Rand

7 years ago

Enlarge Americans have been deceived by the notion that individual desires preempt the needs of society; by the Ayn-Rand/Reagan/Thatcher aversion to government regulation; by the distorted image of ‘freedom’ ...