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Why InformationGap?

One of the biggest challenges I see in my coaching practice and share on my radio program is that people cannot objectively see what is wrong with their finances, their choices, and ultimately their life. The reason why they listen to my Unlock Your Wealth Radio show is simple, most problems in life can be coped with and largely ignored, except finances. When we ignore our management or lack thereof with money, it has specific and undeniable consequences that are quite palpable. People will always move to fix the most painful thing in their lives and continue to endure the, “not-quite-as-painful” things. If you want more elaboration on that, please visit my website with my financial doctrine on it called the Keys To Riches© Financial Wellness series.

I created this website InformationGap.com in hopes that by perusing this site and the sites of others that we recommend, you will incrementally expose yourself to a better way of thinking about all things and do it with sources that you can agree are objective. It is tough to overcome a lifetime of ineffective, biased decision-making in one, epiphany moment. That is why we inure you to objective thinking, just like the folks that persuaded you to believe what you do now—slowly, over time, with repeated exposure. You may not always like and agree with the content itself, and many times it will be highly controversial, but you cannot argue its lack of objectivity.

Enjoy, learn, and prosper.

To Your Prosperity,

Heather Wagenhals

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