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Objectivism is Not Sexy Enough

Watching this youtube lecture you can see, Yaron Brook, foremost communicator of Objectivism, in a valiant, but it ultimately dull performance. It probably evokes at most, a loud, wailing yawn. Looking around the room, the level of boredom is almost felt palpably. Blanks stares throughout, as if they are watching not a real man in front of them but his holographic projection.

It has only 1,246 views and counting. The Ayn Rand Institute, a 40 year old organization with millions of dollars in endowment, has only just over 12,000 subscribers on Youtube. A sad, sad state of affairs and pitiful in this age of million+ views for cat and dog chasing videos.

Compare this with TED talks which routinely posts videos that get millions of views. As you can see, good presentation doesn’t just make a difference, it makes a HUGE difference. And the issue is not that people don’t engage intellectual ideas, they don’t engage boring ones.

Not all of the blame for this can be cast upon the public. At least part of the blame is because ARI is simply too boring for it’s own good. Nobody was ever won to a noble cause by boredom. Especially not young people.

As I highlighted in a previous thread (among others) Donald Trump gets this. I disagree that movements somehow “must” take several generations to come to full bloom. You can speed up the process. This requires a talented communicator.

Presentation, charisma, delivery and ease of talk. All that + infectious enthusiasm = more followers to the cause. IMO Objectivism would be better off hiring a TV pitchman at this point. Really anyone with half-decent sales skills and/or acting chops.

We need to bring sexy back. How can we do it? That’s what this thread is about.

Original article published on Objectivist Living

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