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Students for Sale

Students for Sale

Students for SaleImagine you’re with me in a room full of educators, mostly public school teachers and  administrators. We are there to learn how to incorporate principles of entrepreneurship and innovation into a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-based learning environment. Ben, the professional development facilitator, is showing us how to use a business model canvas, a simple diagram used by start-ups to map out their business model.

“Let’s take a simple example of an innovative firm, like Uber, and break this down a little bit…”

“Can we do something a little more relatable,” one of the attendees chimes in, “like a nonprofit organization or a school?”

We shift gears and map out a typical public school program, defining customers and value propositions. We describe delivery channels and key partners. Things get more complicated when we try to define cost structures and identify revenue streams. […] Click here to view original web page at fee.org

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